For the people who love gardening and like to maintain their gardens with a touch of beauty fencing is almost a necessity. Not only it protects the garden from animals and demarcates a particular person's property, it also adds visual appeal to the garden and protects the privacy. For this purpose mainly ornamental fencing is used. As the name suggests this type of fencing is used to enhance the beauty and adorn the garden.

There are different materials from which ornamental fences are made, namely aluminium, wood, vinyl, wrought iron, bamboo and stone wall.

Wrought Iron Fences come in beautiful scroll designs and provide a classic look as the black iron is shaped into wonderful ornate patterns. This type of fencing is very strong and requires less maintenance but the downside is the cost.

Bamboo Fencing is also preferred by many homeowners because it is cheap, lightweight and quite artistic in its appeal.

Vinyl Fences are also a popular choice because they are very easy to maintain and can be washed easily using soap and water and are resistant to damages caused by domestic animals and weather.

Dry Stone Wall Fencings provide an authentic look but one has to ensure that the garden is big & spacious as large sized rocks and stones are used.

Real Wood - no matter how many new materials come out that are suitable for garden fencing, people still love to continue using real wood as it is easy to cut in a variety of shapes. In this you have the option of going for a simple picket fence or cut the wood into scallops, waves or waffle.

Mesh Garden Fence One also has the choice of opting for a functional garden fence design like a mesh garden fence. Made of plastic or wire it is quite strong and long lasting and can also be used to support various creepers and plants.

Having an ornamental fence in your garden is not only limited to choosing an attractive fence panel, you also have the option of having striking fence posts too. For durability and strength metal posts are the best options. They come usually in lengths of 5 to 10 feet, and you can even get them in longer sections if you have a large garden and don't want to deal with more pieces by getting shorter lengths. These posts don't just come in steel they come in aluminium as well. Wooden fence posts are also a popular alternative which are available in a rustic style as well as in a machine finished look. A new variety of fence post is the fiberglass fence posts which are extremely durable. Vinyl post is another option to go for.

So keeping the above suggestions in mind make the right choice to give that chic and ornate look to your garden along with protecting it and your privacy.