l that high hedges or fences enhance the privacy of their homes, these measures also serve as excellent hiding places for thieves. Be sure to keep shrubbery and fences small enough that neighbors can see the front and back of your home. Make sure a sign advertising your home security system is visible in your yard.
7. Leave a Light On 
By creating the illusion that somebody is home, you can deter potential burglars. Your house should always appear occupied.
8. Don't Hide a Key
No matter how smart you think your hiding spot may be, thieves and burglars are aware of "secret" hiding places. Consider installing a keypad or fingerprint lock system or leave spare keys with a trusted neighbor. Never give out the password to your security system.
9. Stay Anonymous
Never put your name on your mailbox, key chain or elsewhere outside your home. This only makes it easier for burglars to find out more about you.
10. Vacation Measures
Before leaving on vacation, notify your nearest neighbors that you will be gone and arrange to stop newspaper and mail deliveries while you are away.