Setting fencing is not an easy task for beginners. To ensure a safe and reliable installation, many factors need to be considered. Below we give several reasons why it is recommended to hire professional fencing contractors, and why this can reduce the overall cost of installing the fence.

Fence posts should be dug to a certain depth, usually using a specialist tool, aligned and straightened, then concreted in place to ensure their safety. This is a difficult task for beginners who lack both special knowledge and tools.

Hiring a professional who is a member of the Fencing Contractors' Association will give you peace of mind that they have all the necessary experience, insurance and competence to perform professional work.

You may need to cut overhanging branches or trees that require specialized tools and even the services of a local village surgeon in extreme circumstances. This is especially likely when installing protective guards that can encroach on the fence.

Although the fences themselves usually do not obey the planning rules, there are several circumstances in which you will have to apply for a permit. Here, an experienced fence installer can help you in your project. You should also seek advice when you want to remove the fence.

Cost - further consideration. Although it may seem cheaper to do the work yourself, an experienced professional will do the job much faster (save you a lot of time), can pick up the fence components cheaper through trade supplies, and the cost of fitting the fence is likely to be cheaper than you thought before.

So there you have it, just when you thought that it wasn't possible to save money on your fence installation and hire a pro I have shown you how with a bit of ingenuity it can do while still saving you money.