Doing work around your house is a rewarding hobby. It's something that benefits you in many ways. For one, you can stand back and look at a job well done. When friends and family come over, you'll get some admiration and respect for your skills. Another positive benefit is that doing home improvement can easily add to the value of your home. This is more important than ever in this soft housing market. 

It used to be that houses would continue to go up in value regardless of what the economy did. But those times are behind us. If you want the value of your home to go up, you've got to take matters into your own hands. And that is exactly what this article is about.

Since the kitchen is the first room people check out when looking at a home, it makes sense to make this area really look good. There are plenty of things you can do to improve the look of your kitchen. One is to replace the flooring with some nice looking tiles. Another is to replace the cabinets. Since this is expensive, you can sometimes get away with resurfacing the cabinets. Another way to improve your kitchen is to upgrade all the appliances. Lastly, making sure the lighting is plenty bright is a cheap and easy way to make it look better.

The same idea goes for your bathrooms. Changing the tile, upgrading the cabinets and counters, and making sure the faucets and sinks are up to date is something you can do. Obviously, since the bathrooms are smaller than the kitchen, this will take less time, and be less costly. It's also a good place to "practice" your home improvement skills before moving on to the kitchen.

If you've got enough space, putting in a deck in the backyard can do wonders for the look and feel of your home. You can find plenty of plans online, and it's really not as hard as you think. If you hire somebody to help you, you can get it done in a couple of weekends.

Consider upgrading all your household appliances. The air conditioner and heater, if new, will easily add several thousand dollars to the value of your home.

When you take the time to do some of these projects, you really can see an improvement in the value of your home. Just keep on looking for ways to improve things, and your house will be worth quite a lot of money.